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How to Revive Wilted Produce Greens

Preserving and reviving greens are two of the most essential kitchen hacks that I have learned as an aspiring professional home cook. Something that I often experience with greens and herbs is using only a small fraction of what I buy and forgetting the rest as it sits in the fridge for days on end. […]

Spring into Self-Care

It’s finally Spring (though the weather might not feel like it, especially for my NC folks), and what better time to work on ourselves! Self-care, simplified, is any action to “preserve or improve one’s own health.” I absolutely love this definition because it encompasses the improvement of health, but emphasizes the importance of “self” in […]

“I ended up losing 18 1/2 pounds. I look slimmer.”

Below is a testimonial from an Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes participant: “I started the program last March. I have always eaten healthy food but needed to lose some weight. I was hoping to eliminate my CPAP machine. I ended up losing 18 1/2 pounds. I look slimmer. I have always been an exerciser […]

A Food Thermometer is Key to Food Safety

Do you have a food thermometer stashed in your kitchen but are unsure how and why you should put it to use? If you cook meat regularly, using a food thermometer is a game-changer and can mean the difference between just cooked and overdone or tough meat. The only accurate way to determine if food […]

“I feel good and my A1C is now 5.4. It was 6.3.”

Below is a testimonial from an Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes participant: “Karen B. taught my class last year. I could not break my weight. I started at 169 and could not break my plateau at 159 or 160. I just needed to lose 2 lbs. I have used what she taught and now […]

Essential Tips for Taking Breaks During Work

Have you been finding yourself extra stressed, tired, or distracted during work? Truth is, you may be overworking and could benefit from taking breaks throughout the workday. There are many physical and mental benefits of taking breaks at work and they can also boost productivity significantly. This blog will teach you why breaks are essential […]

Ways to Stay Properly Hydrated

As we are approaching the end of June and going deeper into the summer season, the temperature is rising and dehydration is knocking at the door. For those of us who still love to go outside to move more or simply just to enjoy the weather, it is crucial to replenish our bodies of lost […]