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Corporate Wellness

Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes can work with a┬ávariety of businesses across the United States in various time zones. The program’s flexibility allows employers of any size to implement Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes, and improve the health of their employees.

Healthy Employees = Healthy Bottomline

Include Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes in your employee benefits package by purchasing class seats in bulk. A unique voucher code will be created for your organization as well as personalized marketing materials and emails to help you spread the word. Employees will use the voucher code to register and choose the day and time that fits their schedule. Request a free demo.

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Why Choose a Diabetes Prevention Program?

The total medical cost in lost work and wages for people with diabetes in the United States is approximately $245 billion. The medical costs for a person with diabetes are twice as high as those without the disease.

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Return on Investment

Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes is a CDC-recognized diabetes prevention program that brings evidence-based lifestyle change strategies to participants through live online classes. The 12-month program educates participants about diabetes and the ways to make small step changes to prevent diabetes. Through Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes, participants are expected to learn how to make lifestyles changes to lower their Hemoglobin 1c levels and prevent type-2 diabetes.

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Studies have shown that recognized CDC Diabetes Prevention Program, such as Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes, leads to a 58% reduction in type 2 diabetes2. Covering the cost of Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes will protect the health of your employees, help them live healthier lives, and generate goodwill, which will retain staff and attract new talent.

To determine the ROI for your organization, fill out the CDC ROI Calculator.

Delay Type 2 Diabetes

What You Can Do

  • Provide prediabetes awareness education for employees. Place prediabetes messaging about risks and symptoms on your internal worksite web page, bulletin boards, or newsletters.
  • Provide free prediabetes screenings for employees, and consider offering incentives to have this completed. A quick risk test is available to download and share with employees.
  • For employees with prediabetes, offer Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes as a covered benefit. We provide custom marketing flyers and emails to easily spread the word.
  • Provide employee support and programming for healthy living, and consider offering a comprehensive corporate wellness program.

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