Employee Wellness

A workplace is great starting point for employee health improvement. When a culture of wellness exists, healthy behaviors become the norm in a work environment. The presence of this type of culture can improve the outcomes of a corporate wellness program due to the supportive and reinforcing environment. A workplace that possesses a culture of wellness supports these attributes to overall health: Physical activity and exercise efforts are supported Healthy foods are offered Emotional health is valued Importance of preventive… Continue reading »

Facilitating a corporate wellness program for your organization can be overwhelming. Especially if you work in Human Resources and already wear a thousand different hats. Creating a wellness program can seem like just one extra chore to add to your list, and it can often fall by the waist side. Partnering with Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less and Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes can alleviate many challenges that come with implementing a wellness program. Some of the benefits… Continue reading »

Employer sponsored wellness programs can be a huge incentive for employees to better their health. However, many times employees are unaware of wellness opportunities that are supported at workplace. Here are some ideas for HR managers and worksite wellness coordinators to bridge this gap and promote wellness programs so more employees can benefit from them: Include an article in your employee newsletter whether it’s monthly, quarterly or on some other regular schedule. Post flyers or posters on bulletin boards in… Continue reading »