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Mindfulness Gives Us Options

As humans, we have the ability of metacognition, which is a big word that describes something most of us do every day probably without even noticing it–that is thinking about our own thoughts. Our ability to think about our thoughts allows us to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is deliberately paying attention to the present moment without […]

Write it When you Bite It & Jot it When you Trot It!

Study after study indicates that tracking what we eat and how we move using an app or pen and paper is strongly linked to helping us achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Tracking is a critical piece to success and makes us more aware of our personal patterns which can inform healthy behavior changes. This […]

National Physical Activity and Sports Month

May is National Physical Activity and Sports Month. We know that staying active is an important continuum throughout our lives for our physical and mental well-being. Children Adhering to 60 minutes of vigorous activity a day benefits their growing bodies and leads to a lifetime of movement. A body in motion stays in motion. Visit […]

Dietary Fiber Intake

The North Carolina Office of State Human Resources offers wellness webinars as a benefit to employees. You do not need to be a state employee to view the webinars as the link to the most recent recording is available on their website, and past recordings are available on their YouTube playlist. I recently watched a […]

Embracing Wellness this Spring Season

April marks the onset of spring and two important observances dedicated to our overall well-being: National Move More Month and National Stress Awareness Month. These annual reminders allow individuals to prioritize their physical and mental health through mindful practices. National Move More Month serves as a timely reminder for individuals to incorporate physical activity into […]

“I have had tremendous success with the program”

“I was referred to the ESMM program by a friend who had taken it as a on-site program years before, advising me it was a great way to learn how to permanently lose weight and develop healthy habits for life. Thank goodness for that referral! The program has been a tremendous success for me. I […]

“Helped me create healthier habits and goals.”

“This has been the best experience for me. The program really opened my eyes to my unhealthy habits and helped me create healthier habits and goals.” – Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes participant You may also enjoy: “Helped me build healthy habits.” “My lifestyle of a good diet, daily exercise, and taking care of […]

Tips for Snacking on Vegetables

One of my favorite afternoon snacks is baby carrots and cucumber slices. I would buy a bag of baby carrots and an English cucumber and package them into single-serving snack bags. This worked well unless I forgot, or was too lazy, to create the snack packs then the vegetables would linger in my produce drawer. […]