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“I ended up losing 18 1/2 pounds. I look slimmer.”

Below is a testimonial from an Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes participant:

“I started the program last March. I have always eaten healthy food but needed to lose some weight. I was hoping to eliminate my CPAP machine. I ended up losing 18 1/2 pounds. I look slimmer. I have always been an exerciser and don’t lose weight through activities.

This program helped me to shrink my stomach so that I eat smaller portions and don’t do snacking in between meals. Kelly’s advice and encouragement was fabulous. She is always available and responds quickly to requests and emails. I needed the weekly weigh-in to be accountable. In the upcoming year I hope to audit the program to keep myself on track. I have recommended the program to several friends in my community and in neighboring areas. It was fun, it made sense, and it allowed me to continue my lifestyle without feeling deprived . Thanks to Kelly and to NC State for offering this great program.”

– Amy, a recent Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes participant

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