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Tips for Having Healthy Foods at Meetings

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Perhaps you have attended a meeting or gathering that had food and drinks available, but the options were not the most nutritious. Most people consume a diet that is high in saturated fat and sugar, but low in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Having healthier foods and drinks at all food-related events is possible and we can all promote good health by being intentional about what we serve. Simple ideas can go a long way to promote healthy eating at food-related events in the workplace. Having a Salad Bowl Day, for example, where each person brings in one ingredient for a salad, can be a great way to incorporate healthier foods. Read more about how implementing a Salad Bowl Day in the workplace became a huge success, Healthy Workplace: Salad Bowl Day.

Eat Smart Move More North Carolina has developed guidelines for making simple changes to the foods and drinks offered at events and providing healthier options. If you plan to work with a caterer or restaurant to provide meals and/or snacks for a conference, training, fundraiser or other events outside of your workplace, consider using the tips outlined in the Eat Smart Healthy Meeting Guide.

The 6 Key Points for Working with Caterers

Express that you want to provide:

  1.  Water
  2. Whole-grain options
  3. Fruits and vegetables
  4. Condiments and dressings served on the side
  5. Limited fried foods and cream sauces
  6. Smaller portion sizes for desserts, if dessert is served

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