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5 Healthy and Delicious Side Dishes for the 4th of July

It is that time of year for backyard barbeques as we celebrate summer and the 4th of July!  Whether you are hosting or bringing a dish to a party, consider bringing healthy, but most importantly delicious side dishes to share with everyone.  Here are five of my favorites:

  1. Confetti Bean Salad – Enjoy this fresh and delicious salad that can be served with tortilla chips or as a solo act.
  2. Quinoa Strawberry Salad – Relish this sweet and savory salad that is refreshing on a hot summer day.
  3. Kale Chips – Swap out those potato chips for some crunchy, delicious kale chips (shhh….you don’t even have to tell anyone that it is kale).
  4. White Bean Hummus – Pair with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sugar snap peas, peppers, cucumbers, or grape tomatoes.  Use your imagination, as almost anything will go well dipped in this tasty hummus.
  5. Banana Granita with Blueberries – Sweeten your celebration in patriotic colors (add strawberries for the red) with this creamy and delightful frozen dessert.

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