“I am no longer pre-diabetic!”


We are excited to share the following unsolicited testimonial from a recent Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes participant:online diabetes prevention


“I just finished the October year-long Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes class and for me, it was a success!  I started with an A1C level of 6.0 and have gotten it down to a 5.4.  I am no longer pre-diabetic!

Over the course of the year, I lost some weight, gained some back and then lost it again.  I have increased my exercise and started eating healthier, but most importantly, I have learned a lot!

My Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes instructor was excellent and very supportive.  It was helpful to have someone who was encouraging me along the way.  Thanks for having this class!”

-Recent Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes Participant



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