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How to Freeze Sliced Bread- One Simple Trick That Will Change Your Life

Can you freeze bread? Yes. My husband and I rarely go through a whole loaf of bread in a week so the freezer is my go-to. We are no longer wasting the end of a loaf, chomping on stale bread, or trying to finish it before it goes bad. Frozen bread works best for us because we are typically toasting the bread before we eat it anyway. Toasted sandwiches, toast with eggs, peanut butter toast, you get the picture. So now, we just pop it out of the freezer and into the toaster to enjoy. Same delicious toast pops out.

best wheat bread

Let me back up a second. As we learned in the recent Not All Carbs Are Created Equal Webinar, 100% whole wheat bread can be a good choice to include in an overall healthy diet. The key here is the word “WHOLE”. Check the ingredient list on your bread to make sure the first word listed is “whole”. It should not be “refined”, “enriched”, or just “wheat”, which means the product is not a whole grain. The bread aisle can be very tricky! Be diligent and ignore the labels or claims on the front of the package – just turn it around and look for the word “whole”. To learn more about deciphering whole grains, is a great resource. My favorite whole wheat bread is the infamous Trader Joe’s Sprouted Wheat Bread as well as Dave’s Killer Bread, 21 Whole Grains and Seeds.  I purchase Dave’s Killer Bread at Costco and stick it right in the freezer. Disclaimer: I used to hate whole wheat bread! I would dread eating it and avoid it at all costs. But I slowly started getting used to the complex flavors these delicious wheat breads provide. I began to appreciate the chewy texture with the crunch of seeds, now something I crave. Today, I much prefer a seedy wheat bread to flat bland white bread. Taste buds do change, you just have to train them sometimes. : )

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And now to the life-changing tip for freezing sliced bread! If you put the whole loaf in the freezer, it becomes extremely difficult to break off a slice, as it all freezes together. To avoid this, quickly flip through each slice of bread to make sure they are separated before putting it in the freezer. It’s so simple I’m sure you all know this already. For me, it has been a lifesaver. It takes 30 seconds to separate all of the pieces, tie the bag back up, and stick it in the freezer. Above is a picture of the separated slices next to a loaf that has already been flipped through and ready for the freezer. Below is a picture from our Instagram of our favorite bread in action:

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