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How and Why to Begin Exercising

Our bodies are built to move and that goes for every body. So, treat your mind and body to some physical activity! Not sure where to start, don’t worry. We are taking it back to basics to help kickstart your physical activity journey.

WHY we need to be physically active:

  • Improves our mood
  • Boost our energy and promotes better sleep
  • Sharpens our focus
  • Is good for our bones and our muscles
  • Reduces risk of chronic disease and obesity

Who to be active with:

Whomever you want! Exercising can be a great social experience. Take family or friends with you on a stroll around the block, get together with some friends for a dance party, or find some new friends at a local fitness class. 

What to do/How to be active:

  • Be active any way you want! Doing what you enjoy is the most important part. You can dance, take a walk at a local park or around your neighborhood, play a recreational sport, go to the gym, take a fitness class, schedule a walking meeting with your coworkers, bike to destinations, or just around the block for fun, play frisbee, rollerblade, workout with a friend or family member. The options are endless and we encourage you to get creative!
  • Make sure that you are getting at least 150 minutes a week of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity 
  • Try to add some muscle-strengthening activity at least 2 days per week. For this you can use your body weight, items found at home or hit the gym. Check out this blog for strength training workouts.

When to be active:

Anytime! Anytime that works for you. Some people are morning folks and that works great for them. Other people, like myself, prefer afternoon and evening workouts.

Even if you can’t find a huge chunk of time to dedicate to the activity, remember that you can always break your activity up into increments throughout the day. You can do five 5-minute bouts of exercise throughout the day to equal 25 minutes a day. Do what you can when you can!

Where to be active:

Anywhere!! But pick a space that is conducive and supportive of your preferred activity.  Find new parks and trails to work or bike in. Pick a gym that’s right for you. Invest in a resistance band or jump rope that you carry around to exercise anywhere whenever you have time. Know that you can work out from home and invite all of your friends over for fitness time followed by a healthy meal. Find locations that work for you!

Consistency is key! Set yourself up for success by finding physical activities that you enjoy. If you enjoy the activity, it is much more likely that you will continue and make a habit out of this new hobby.

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