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The 2017 Holiday Challenge Taste Test

The Holiday Challenge Taste Test is an annual event in which we determine which recipes will be included in the Holiday Challenge. Each team member chooses a healthy recipe, brings the dish to the event, and we all taste and rate each dish. Only the highest rated dishes make it into the Holiday Challenge.

Everyone who participated in the Taste Test filled out a ratings sheet and rated each dish on a scale of 0-3, with 3 being the highest. Dishes this year ranged from overnight pumpkin pie oats to chewy molasses cookies (YUM)!

We are so excited for you all to take part in this year’s Holiday Challenge. It is sure to be a fun seven weeks. For those of you who have not signed up, you still can- and it’s FREE! The Holiday Challenge promotes weight maintenance during the holidays by providing daily tips, tweets, and newsletters with healthy recipes every week. Mark your calendars for November 13th!

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