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Have a Game Plan for Gameday

It’s already time for the big game. For many of us, it’s the first major event since making our New Year Resolutions. No matter if you are wearing red and blue or gold and blue on game day, we can all implement healthy eating habits to stick to our Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less goals. One of the keys to navigating a Superbowl party and keep within a calorie budget is to PLAN.

Pause and think before grabbing a plate. Mentally evaluate whether you are hungry or just eating because the food is there. Try to put a number how hungry you are (0=starving, 10=full) and then decide to eat or not.

Limit high calorie and low nutrient foods. Make sure half of your plate is full of fruits and vegetables and try the one bite rule for desserts. If you know that someone is making your favorite dessert, try eating a small bite instead of eating two or three servings. You will still get to enjoy without exceeding your calorie budget.

Ask if you can bring a healthier option to the party. Make sure it’s something that you will enjoy while also satisfying so you won’t be as tempted by some of the other dishes. You can even rework some traditional game day recipes into healthier ones like these sriracha-buffalo cauliflower bites or loaded sweet potato nacho fries.

Note your surroundings. This is where mindful eating strategies can be implemented. Tune into your surroundings. Eat slowly and notice the texture and taste of each bite. Focus on friends, not food. Instead of thinking about the food, focus on who is at the party and intentionally plan to have a meaningful conversation. (During a break from the game, of course!)


Here is a roundup of some of our go-to game day favorites:

Creamy Ranch-Style Dip


Olive Oil Deviled Eggs


Garlicky Bean Spread


Buffalo Chicken Meatballs



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