Move More

It’s getting unbelievably close to the start of the Holiday Challenge (November 14th), and we kicked off this year with a fabulous 10th annual Holiday Challenge Taste Test! The Holiday Challenge Taste Test is an annual event in which we determine which recipes will be included in the Holiday Challenge. Each team member chooses a healthy recipe, brings the dish to the event, and we all taste and rate each dish. Only the highest rated dishes make it into the… Continue reading »

Why do you exercise? What is your motivation to break a sweat each day? Is it because you know you should walk every day to maintain a healthy weight? Did a doctor say you should exercise more since heart disease runs in your family? Maybe you heard that you should exercise to boost your mood and improve sleep quality. “You should exercise because this…” “You should exercise because that…” Should, should, should… If you are anything like me, you might… Continue reading »

Today we introduce our guest blogger, Susan Allison-Dean. Susan is a Registered Nurse and shares her love for nature and health below. Take it away, Susan!   Leave a Trail of Pounds Behind What if I told you that there is something that could help you on your healthy journey that is so fabulous that it will leave you in a state of awe? Make you say, “Wow”!  What if I added that it is free or available for a minimal… Continue reading »

Take another look at that photo used recently in my blog entry about Olympic lifting and my love/hate relationship with those movements! You may just spot one of my favorite coaches, Amber, in the background.  She is one of my favorite label-making  supporters! Let me explain please. When in a CrossFit box (gym), you become an athlete! Yes, I am an athlete. Why? Well, because my coaching supporters say so. That’s why! Each person in the box is referred to as… Continue reading »

There are many types and brands of athletic, casual, and dress shoes. With so many varieties available, one should buy a shoe for  comfort over the look as there are many things to consider that can potentially lead to foot problems. There are many benefits to wearing a good fitting shoe. An appropriate shoe can provide you with proper foot stabilization, decrease fatigue and work of muscles, decrease stress and strain of ligaments of the knee and/or foot joints, and provide… Continue reading »

Take a look at photo. Yes, I can clean and jerk with the best of them. No, I don’t claim to be one of the best of them— take a look at theSummer Olympics in Rio and you’ll clearly see that I’m not in theelite category of weightlifters. Hey, 99.99999% of us are thankfully not in the elite category of anything! I personally don’t care to be elite—- I tend to like company in all aspects of my life. Please… Continue reading »

Along came Rusty! Ok, his name was Banjo at the Wake County SPCA, but he and I had a little chat on the fateful April day we adopted him three months after our final farewell to TJ-the-Wonderdog of almost-18-yrs! { My partner had been promised three years of freedom from canines, yet three months was L O N G  E N O U G H ! } Conversation went something like this— Me: Hey, you’re cute ( understatement ). Banjo:… Continue reading »

I’m always up for a great challenge. Thus, a bar-time (yes, that type) in downtown Raleigh recently had me discussing a myriad of exercise opportunities with a CrossFit pal’s wife one night. She presented me with an interesting challenge, indeed! I was invited to participate as her guest in a local Raleigh Barre class on a humpday Wednesday. Barre classes mix Pilates, dance, yoga, and strength training all while using a ballet barre and repetitions of small range-of-motion movements. How could… Continue reading »

Summertime often gives us more opportunities to be physically active in new places. Whether walking in a new place or in your same old neighborhood at home, remember some simple rules to keep you and your family safe. When walking on a road, walk on the left facing the traffic. When walking on a path or a sidewalk that does not allow cars, walk on the right. NO TEXTING – this should go without saying but just yesterday I saw someone… Continue reading »

No questions asked, having a dog keeps me motivated to move more. He is hands down the number one reason I put on my walking shoes and step outside… or that I even factor it into my daily routine. And I LOVE it. I love that I can now easily reach my daily goal of 10,000 steps. I love seeing different parts of the neighborhood and surrounding community. I love meeting new neighbors and dog owners. I love spending quality time with… Continue reading »