Move More

Developing a great playlist has been essential in my motivation to workout daily. I have, therefore, adopted the idea of being a self-proclaimed workout DJ that has the best hits of music to keep one energized. Whether I’m specifically listening to music for its vocals, beats, and/or cords, the rhythm always seem to put me in good spirits which distracts me from focusing on the work and effort of doing my exercise for the day. Ultimately, I depend on music… Continue reading »

SETTING A NEW GOAL: Saturday, May 14th 2016 was a big day for me as I was participating in my first road race ever, the Women’s Red Run fundraiser 4K run/walk held in Charlotte, North Carolina. For me, it was the cause that attracted me to participate in it. Heart Disease is the number one killer of women and this was the first annual event that my Huntersville Family Fitness gym was hosting,  I decided to sign up for it… Continue reading »

Do you have a bucket list??  Have you made that list of places you want to see, accomplishments you want to achieve or crazy new things you want to try??  I would encourage everyone to make a bucket list.   It keeps us on our toes, keeps us striving to achieve new things, and keeps life interesting. On April 18, 2016, I checked one more thing off my bucket list.  I ran the Boston Marathon. Without a doubt it was a… Continue reading »

About two years ago I blogged about pictures of old running shoes I put on my success board. I am happy to report I am on my 3rd pair of running shoes since that post. My last two pairs of running shoes have participated in cold, Thanksgiving Day Races and early morning races in June. My hiking boots have been to Acadia National Park, Grandfather Mountain, and on endless trails in state parks at Umstead, Eno River, and Falls Lake.… Continue reading »

I was overweight as a kid, and like a lot of overweight kids I was not a fan of exercise and the opportunities it presented to put my shortcomings on display (I’m looking at you, gym class). As an adult, however, I have come to love it. I particularly love the alone time granted by a long bike ride or an afternoon hiking. I can even find that solitude in a morning jog or a quick stop at the gym.… Continue reading »

Every night before I go to bed I use my phone to set my alarm. When I say “set my alarm” I should let you know that I have two sometimes three alarms set for the morning. I do not set three alarms because I cannot wake up, but it is because I want those five more minutes in my warm bed, especially during the winter. I could tell you that by setting three alarms everything works out great, but… Continue reading »

If you are like me, and most of your work is done in front of a computer, it can be hard to stay active during the 8+ hours you are at the office. Adding in a few extra steps and a few extra movements wherever you can will begin to add up. There are a few simple ways to increase your steps throughout your work day. Start with parking a little further away, then reconsider how you get to your office… Continue reading »

If you have read my earlier blog, you know how and why I joined Orangetheory Fitness, a group fitness studio. Today, I want to share a little more about my experience with Orangetheory – in a nutshell, it’s awesome! When I walked in this studio for the first time, I wondered about the name. In case you are also curious about why it’s called what it is, it’s because you aim to be in the ‘orange’ zone where your heart… Continue reading »