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Employer sponsored wellness programs can be a huge incentive for employees to better their health. However, many times employees are unaware of wellness opportunities that are supported at workplace. Here are some ideas for HR managers and worksite wellness coordinators to bridge this gap and promote wellness programs so more employees can benefit from them: Include an article in your employee newsletter whether it’s monthly, quarterly or on some other regular schedule. Post flyers or posters on bulletin boards in… Continue reading »

We are thrilled to introduce our guest blogger, Susan. Susan is participating in our current Mediterranean Diet webinar series and has experienced incredible results. She shares her story below. Way to go, Susan!   “A friend had introduced me to the Mediterranean lifestyle last spring. She had tried to talk to me about it after my labs were done in January and my numbers were way to high and my blood pressure numbers were higher than ever!  I had tried to “diet” on my… Continue reading »

  Would you be able to maintain your weight if you ate a large brownie every day, how about a hot fudge sundae? A new study showed that folks that don’t get at least 7 hours a sleep a night consume upwards of 385 calories more the day after a low-sleep night – about the number of calories in a large brownie or hot fudge sundae. Making sure you get at least 7 hours, preferably 8 hours, of sleep each… Continue reading »

The Thanksgiving holiday signals a time when winter squash are in abundance. Butternut, acorn, and pumpkins – are all great fiber-rich squash to enjoy when the weather turns cold. One of my favorite ways to make butternut squash also is the easiest. Smashed Butternut Squash I like to use this as a bed for grilled chicken or salmon. It is great warm, room temperature or even cold. If you have leftovers, warm slightly and top with an over medium egg.… Continue reading »

Webinar Recording Now Available  Steps to Eating the Med Way: Change Your Protein The response to the first Med Instead of Meds webinar was overwhelming. We want to give you the tools you need to Go Med AND answer all of your questions. As you know, the Mediterranean-style eating pattern has been shown to promote health and decrease risk on many chronic diseases. Eating the Mediterranean way is not only healthy, it is delicious and satisfying. Foods that you once… Continue reading »

When it comes to holiday food, I grew up with a ‘love-love’ relationship. Traditions of the season meant indulging in once-a-year specialties– from Aunt Bonnie’s pies and Racine Kringle to making homemade pizza with Aunt Bev. I eat very differently now from even a decade ago. There are many reasons for this, ranging from food sensitivities (hold the onions, please!) to just plain knowing how to cook and eat healthier. I more easily resist foods that I know will leave… Continue reading »

It’s the Day After Thanksgiving! Congratulations to those who made mindful choices during the holiday meal. I know that took some planning and determination! If you are feeling discouraged today- please don’t be. Yesterday was just one day in the Holiday Challenge. It doesn’t mean that the challenge is over and you can’t be mindful or successful for the next month! Make a plan to add some extra movement in your day and focus on some of the positive things… Continue reading »

Many of us have holiday memories that are near and dear to our hearts. In most cases, we associate these memories with food. If you have a favorite holiday food that may not fit within your diet, it does not necessarily mean that you should cut it out. In the Mindful Holiday Eating webinar found here, Dr. Carolyn Dunn explains strategies to help you enjoy the holiday foods you love while staying within your calorie budget. The webinar also gives helpful… Continue reading »

  The 2016 Holiday Challenge is ONE Week Away! You are invited to join the 11th annual Holiday Challenge. Rather than focusing on trying to lose weight, this FREE seven-week challenge provides participants with tips, tricks, and ideas to help maintain their weight throughout the holiday season. We currently have 49 out of the 50 states (missing Nevada) as well as 99 out of the 100 NC Counties (missing Madison). Help us spread the word! The Holiday Challenge will begin November 14th… Continue reading »

It’s getting unbelievably close to the start of the Holiday Challenge (November 14th), and we kicked off this year with a fabulous 10th annual Holiday Challenge Taste Test! The Holiday Challenge Taste Test is an annual event in which we determine which recipes will be included in the Holiday Challenge. Each team member chooses a healthy recipe, brings the dish to the event, and we all taste and rate each dish. Only the highest rated dishes make it into the… Continue reading »