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Age Isn’t Anything But a Number

You may see people your age, or maybe even older, who are in good shape and ask yourself, “How do they do it?” First and foremost, we all have different body types and metabolisms, so there is no one magic pill that works for everyone, but getting in shape is possible for most. It just takes effort and a willingness to achieve a goal.

As a man in my 50s who works on staying fit, let me tell you what works best for me:

  • Cut down on the sweets.
  • Eat baked, not fried.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Set a goal.
  • Get others involved.
  • Get up and just do it!

If joining a gym works better for you, then do it. If exercising at home is more convenient, do that. The easier your new lifestyle, the more likely you will be to stick to it. For some, that may mean joining a yoga class; for others, it may mean buying a yoga mat for your bedroom. Whatever works best for you, find it and commit to it.

In addition to physical activity, you must eat healthier. When deciding what to eat, remember that baked, lean meats and fresh fruits and vegetables are better; fiber is your friend and water is better than soda. You will see quicker results when you make the right decisions.

Whatever you decide to do, consult with your physician first. Be sure that your body is ready for the increased activity. There is nothing wrong with starting slow and gradually increasing your routine. When it comes to getting healthy, slow and steady could win the race; and maybe the next time you are looking at someone who you think looks fit for their age, they may be looking at you and are thinking the same.

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