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A Quick Tip to Help You Drink More Water

Sometimes I get to the end of my workday and water tipsrealize how little water I have drunk. I have good intentions, with bottled water in my office, beautiful water bottles, and even access to a water cooler – however, the pace of the day gets going and it just doesn’t always happen.

Something I have tried that works for me is taking a 20-ounce bottle of water with me on my ride to work. I drink it on my commute, which is about 15 minutes. If I arrive at work before the 20 ounces are gone, I sit in the car until I am finished.

Twenty ounces is only about a ¼ of what I need a day but at least I am off to a good start. Try this, you might find it will work for you as well. I can assure you that once you get use to this and skip it, you will miss it.

Here’s a toast to hydration and to feeling great.

How do you make sure you get enough water? Do you add fruit? Set reminders? Share your tips in the comments below.




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