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Having Fun is Good for Your Health

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our health. There are many scientifically-proven habits that tend to make us healthier. For example, we know that eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and engaging in regular physical activity are good for us. But, what about having fun?

Having fun can make our day-to-day lives more enjoyable and may even serve as a form of stress relief. Think about activities or situations where you feel lighthearted, connected to the activity or other people around you, where time may seem to fly by. Having fun regularly can improve your outlook on life by increasing your positivity. This can make you more resilient and less hard on yourself when you are experiencing stress.

When we are feeling busy or overwhelmed, we may forget to find the fun in our lives. Just like you might be intentional with your nutrition or your physical activity, try to be intentional with having fun. Seek out opportunities where you can relax and enjoy the moment. For some people, this might be scheduling a “dance break” and dancing to their favorite song during the work day. For others, this might be searching for community events, like an art class, and going with a friend. Maybe you simply call a family member and laugh about a funny memory together. Having fun looks a little bit different for everyone and may even vary for you depending on the day.

Aim to incorporate fun into your everyday routine! Here are some strategies if you are not sure where to start or just looking for new ideas to add some fun to your life:

  • Invite fun into your routine. You could schedule time for a phone call, ice skating lesson, or whatever else comes to mind. This can also mean saying “yes” more when people invite you out or an opportunity catches your eye.
  • Lean into your passions. Are there any hobbies you haven’t done in awhile? Try picking one of them back up. 
  • Keep an open mind. Try out new activities and don’t feel bad about only doing something once. Keep looking for new ways to have fun.

What is one small activity you could do right now to add some fun to your day?

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