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Focus on Having Fun

a diverse group of adult friends taking a selfie on the beach

Just like eating nutritious foods and engaging in physical activity are good for us, having fun is another way to boost our health. Having fun can make us happier and may help lower feelings of stress. Think about times when you have felt carefree and fully engaged with an activity or group of people. Or think about the last time you had a deep belly laugh and how good you felt afterward. When you focus on fun, you are less attached to the outcome of a situation and are more focused on the present moment. Making time to have fun in our daily lives can significantly impact how we view the world.

This month, this summer, and the rest of this year, we challenge you to be intentional about having fun. Every day, engage in at least one fun activity. It does not have to be complex or elaborate. Maybe you take a break from work to sing along to your favorite song or tell jokes with co-workers before a meeting. Play with your pet, listen to a new podcast episode, cook a new recipe, or call a friend and laugh about a fun memory. The list could go on and on and will look different for everyone.

Keep it simple and do something that feels fun, freeing, and joyful to you!

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