Live Mindfully

I came across an article in New York Times about ‘Mindful Eating’… Although I am already aware of this concept and its importance in weight management, I really like how it describes a mindful eating experience – ‘to meditate with food, expanding consciousness by paying close attention to the sensation and purpose of each morsel’. This article has made me think again about how much of my own eating throughout the day is truly ‘mindful’ and can I do better? I… Continue reading »

Like many people battling with weight and healthy living, I struggle with saying “no” to unhealthy foods that simply look and sound delicious. Making wise and healthy food choices is a constant battle. Changing the desire of eating unhealthy food is difficult when there is temptation to eat unhealthy things everywhere you look. By seeing food for what it is designed to provide, my desire and urge to eat unhealthy has completely changed. I have been able to change my mindset by adapting two main… Continue reading »

Reducing the amount of screen time we get every day is an important strategy for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Screen time includes time spent looking at a computer, TV, or any mobile device including phones and tablets. This is important because time spent in front of a screen is mostly inactive. Most of us who have a regular office/desk job, cannot always control the amount of time spent working at a computer while at work. However, we can… Continue reading »

Okay, here it goes. I struggle with comparison. It is not something that I am proud of, but I know that I can work on this area of my life. Recently it’s been very apparent when I look at images of “perfect young 20-somethings” plastered all over social media and they all seem to have it all together. The perfect hair, nails, meals, birthday parties, and weddings- it can be overwhelming. Is anyone with me? It’s all so easy to… Continue reading »

It all happened one Sunday morning in 2015 before church. De’s daughter tried to wake her up when she was having her second stroke. Her daughter tried to get her mom up, putting her hands on De’s face asking “Mama, are you having another stroke?!” When De lethargically said “No, my head doesn’t even hurt” she said her daughter’s gut instinct told her otherwise. Since this was De’s second stroke, she thought she knew the symptoms from her first one… Continue reading »

The holidays often mean more choices, choices of special foods, different food appearing in the grocery store as “seasonal” items. Are more choices a good thing? A regular grocery store has over 25,000 items. This is a huge increase from several decades ago when the average was around 15,000 items. The increase in choices has not coincided with better diets for most Americans. Sometimes too many choices is a bad thing. When faced with a buffet, we tend to eat… Continue reading »