Live Mindfully

It all happened one Sunday morning in 2015 before church. De’s daughter tried to wake her up when she was having her second stroke. Her daughter tried to get her mom up, putting her hands on De’s face asking “Mama, are you having another stroke?!” When De lethargically said “No, my head doesn’t even hurt” she said her daughter’s gut instinct told her otherwise. Since this was De’s second stroke, she thought she knew the symptoms from her first one… Continue reading »

The holidays often mean more choices, choices of special foods, different food appearing in the grocery store as “seasonal” items. Are more choices a good thing? A regular grocery store has over 25,000 items. This is a huge increase from several decades ago when the average was around 15,000 items. The increase in choices has not coincided with better diets for most Americans. Sometimes too many choices is a bad thing. When faced with a buffet, we tend to eat… Continue reading »