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“There was a sense of community and accountability.”

“Overall I am very glad that I participated in this program. While I knew most of the information, there was a sense of community with my instructor and accountability that came with knowing that we would be together on a regular basis. It was more helpful than I anticipated.” – Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent […]

“I feel so much healthier because of this program.”

“Outstanding! The instructor was outstanding and very helpful. Great program! I feel so much healthier because of this program.” – Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes participant You may also enjoy: My instructor’s approach was very reasonable and realistic.” “Helped me build healthy habits.” Don’t miss another great blog: Subscribe Now

“This class has changed my life.”

“This class has changed my life. My awareness about food, portion size, reading labels, sleep, managing stress, use of electronics, exercising, and other tools this class provide is of tremendous value and aided in my weight loss of nearly 41 pounds. I can not believe I made such a drastic change in my body, mind, […]

“This program taught me how to live a healthier lifestyle.”

“Although I did not achieve my weight loss goals during the program, I am exercising more than I ever have before. My cholesterol was high before I started the program and now is in the normal range. The reality is that I am healthier now than I was before even though the number on the […]

“My instructor’s approach was very reasonable and realistic.”

“This program was fantastic. In my many years of weight loss attempts, I have heard many of these same concepts before, but this class put them in a better perspective and added more details. The sequence of classes is geared toward success. We met frequently upfront to get us started and then were “weaned” off the program […]

“Helped me build healthy habits.”

“By the end of the program, I lost 30 pounds and reduced my A1C. The yearlong program was long enough to help me build healthy habits and stick to them. Now I am always very mindful of what food I buy and eat, how many times I exercise per week, and calorie intake. The guidance […]

Homemade Freezer Meals

When my daughter was in medical school, I would bring her homemade freezer meals. One ofthe sources I used for making these meals was “From freezer to table: 75+ simple, whole foodsrecipes for gathering, cooking, and sharing” by Polly Conner and Rachel Tiemeyer. I absolutelylove the soup recipes in this book! Recently, I made hearty […]

How to Enjoy Your Vacation

My family and I recently went on a week-long vacation to the North Carolina mountains. We had such a fantastic time it was difficult to come home! When you are sharing a house with 9 other adults and are not in charge of meal planning, grocery shopping, or the schedule, it can be really difficult […]

My Dessert Dilemma

I love dessert! Once my husband and I became empty nesters, dessert became a real dilemma for me since my husband doesn’t eat sweets. I would bake a dessert and have a serving each day. As the days went on, the dessert would become stale or soggy, and I would end up tossing the rest […]

What a world of difference good sleep quality makes!

My ability to get a good night’s sleep has definitely declined over the years. First, there were years of raising young children followed by years of worrying about their well-being and safety as teens/young adults. Add in hot flashes and aging joints, and I found myself waking up every few hours during the night. I […]