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My Dessert Dilemma

I love dessert! Once my husband and I became empty nesters, dessert became a real dilemma for me since my husband doesn’t eat sweets. I would bake a dessert and have a serving each day. As the days went on, the dessert would become stale or soggy, and I would end up tossing the rest of it in the garbage. I didn’t want to give up dessert, but I sure didn’t want to continue wasting food.

At some point, I had a “light bulb” moment and thought about freezing whatever I baked. My goal was to be able to pull an individual serving of dessert out of the freezer and unthaw it in the microwave for instant dessert. As it turns out, this has worked very well for me! I have frozen cookies, brownies, and frosted cakes with great success. Once I bake something, I divide it into single-serving portions and freeze it. When I crave dessert I take a portion out of the freezer instead of feeling obligated to eat a serving each day and ultimately wasting food. I microwave a frozen treat on low power for 15 to 30 seconds, and the dessert is ready!

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