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Connect from Home: Virtual Game Night

game night

Not being able to spend time with friends and family can be difficult. Fortunately, these days there are a number of great ways to connect virtually. One of my favorites is a virtual game night. I used to love having game nights with my friends. Now that social distancing is the new normal, we still have game night, but on the computer. 

There are a lot of free websites that have converted classic board games into online play. Schedule a time with your friends to “meet up” virtually and play a game or two together. This is a fun way to engage with others and partake in some friendly competition. 

Here are some free online resources for your next virtual game night:

Catan screen

Catan Universe

Fans of this multi-player board game can access a digital version here. Play with other live players, or hone your settlement skills by playing with a virtual computer opponent. 

Bonus Tip:  For those who like to heckle or trade in real-time use a separate device to Video Chat with your friends while playing the online game of your choice. Some games you may be able to use the same device to video chat and play, however, you cannot do that when playing Catan.

Scattergories screen


This website generates categories, assigns a letter, and keeps time to allow you and your friends to play a classic game of Scattergories without even a pencil.

Pogo screen


Pogo is not a game, but rather a website that provides free versions of many classic games. With a free Pogo account you can connect with friends or other users to play Monopoly, Boggle, Scrabble, Risk, and Yahtzee. 

Trivia screen


Gather your friends on video chat and set up a game of trivia using this trivia generator. Question categories range from general knowledge and entertainment to science, history, and geography. 

Alternatively, you can create your own trivia in PowerPoint and host through a free virtual meeting platform like Zoom. This can be more fun than using a trivia generator because you can personalize the trivia to your friend or family group. For example, creating your own trivia for your favorite tv show or having a category where participants guess local restaurants or businesses based on Yelp reviews.

Have you held a virtual game night? Let us know your favorite game in the comments!

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