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Surabhi Aggarwal, RD, LDN

We all have times at work when hunger strikes and we wish we had a snack to carry us through the next few hours. While the vending machine may seem like a last resort for these occasions, we can plan to deal with these situations so both our body and wallet feels healthier and happier. Nuts are a great option and they are my favorite snack at work for several reasons: A handful of nuts is packed with protein and… Continue reading »

Employer sponsored wellness programs can be a huge incentive for employees to better their health. However, many times employees are unaware of wellness opportunities that are supported at workplace. Here are some ideas for HR managers and worksite wellness coordinators to bridge this gap and promote wellness programs so more employees can benefit from them: Include an article in your employee newsletter whether it’s monthly, quarterly or on some other regular schedule. Post flyers or posters on bulletin boards in… Continue reading »

If you happen to know me personally, you would know that I detest eating out! It’s partly because of the fact that food eaten outside the home is not nearly as healthy as something that’s cooked at home and partly due to the fact that I am a vegetarian and always suspicious of potential cross contamination with meat products. With that disclaimer, I will say that there are a few places I will go to when I have to go… Continue reading »

Eating whole grains is an important strategy to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Whole grains have the bran, endosperm and germ intact while refined grains have the bran and germ removed. Whole grains are higher in fiber, making us feel fuller faster and for a longer amount of time. They also play an important role in reducing chronic disease risk, such as stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Examples of whole grains include whole wheat, popcorn, brown rice,… Continue reading »

“Mom, how do you spell zucchini?” asked my eight – year old son this past weekend. He was sitting across from me on the kitchen counter as I was peeling & dicing carrots for lunch and he was jotting down the grocery list for me. He asked about a few other spellings and suggested we add in-shell peanuts to the list because he really likes those type. After I was done calling out the items, he even re-wrote the entire… Continue reading »

What is type 2 diabetes? Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of diabetes, is a condition when there is too much sugar (or glucose) in the blood. While a normal blood sugar level is important for proper functioning of body; too much sugar can damage parts of the body such as the eyes, kidneys, heart and nerves. Our body breaks down all the different types of food we eat into a simple form of sugar, which provides energy to… Continue reading »

I came across an article in New York Times about ‘Mindful Eating’… Although I am already aware of this concept and its importance in weight management, I really like how it describes a mindful eating experience – ‘to meditate with food, expanding consciousness by paying close attention to the sensation and purpose of each morsel’. This article has made me think again about how much of my own eating throughout the day is truly ‘mindful’ and can I do better? I… Continue reading »