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Carolyn Dunn, PhD, RD, LDN

The Thanksgiving holiday signals a time when winter squash are in abundance. Butternut, acorn, and pumpkins – are all great fiber-rich squash to enjoy when the weather turns cold. One of my favorite ways to make butternut squash also is the easiest. Smashed Butternut Squash I like to use this as a bed for grilled chicken or salmon. It is great warm, room temperature or even cold. If you have leftovers, warm slightly and top with an over medium egg.… Continue reading »

A recent webinar on the Mediterranean diet, specifically on changing your protein – sparked a firestorm of discussion on beans and…gas. Eating more beans is a great way to get plant protein and decrease meat consumption. They are inexpensive, versatile, add variety, and taste great. So why then are we not eating more beans – you guessed it – gas. No one wants to feel bloated after a meal. Thanks to indigestible carbohydrates found in beans, they do have a… Continue reading »

Cooler weather often means more inside workouts. Running on a treadmill does not have to be boring or less intense than your outside workout. In fact, running on a treadmill can be a great way to do an interval workout – which can increase calories burned, amp up your metabolism, and increase fitness – when compared to a workout that does not vary intensity. Give this 30-minute workout a try. If the intensity is too much or not enough adjust… Continue reading »

I’ve seen stuffed pepper recipes all over and in all different forms the past few years. Italian stuffed peppers, taco stuffed peppers, chicken and pesto stuffed peppers– you name it. But for a weeknight meal, it seemed like one step too many for me. Why not just throw all those same ingredients in a bowl instead of taking the time to put them in the peppers and bake? But then as I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw a Buzzfeed… Continue reading »

There are no good foods or bad foods. You have no doubt heard this for years. I contend that there are bad foods. We all know there are foods that we should not eat or at least should not eat very often. Would that not constitute a bad food? Why can’t we say that a coffee drink made with whole milk, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream that has 900 calories is bad? Because it has calcium from the milk? Come… Continue reading »