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Healthy Views to Eliminate Dinner Blues

Healthy Views to Eliminate Dinner Blues Sometimes coming up with quick and easy healthy ideas to prepare for dinner or parties especially last minute can seem difficult. Don’t fret! There are resources to help those especially who prefer a visual of recipes to help spark their creative ideas. Preparing foods with lots of color also […]

Inhale Confidence and Exhale Doubt – Overcoming Gym Intimidation

Sometimes working out in the gym can seem difficult if you are out of shape and/or not fit. It can become a bit discouraging at times seeing already fit individuals making everything look so easy. Finally, I came to the realization that my increased sweat and fatigue will provide me the confidence needed for my […]

Exercise With Positive Thoughts for Positive Outcomes

Life sometimes can seem challenging with additional stress and/or a busy schedule… especially this time of year! In order to stay motivated to exercise, and to keep exercising, I have been working on improving my thought process. I am actively trying to focus on the positives; the positives of exercise, the positive outcomes, the positive […]

Plan to Prevent Diabetes

Like so many when getting older, health awareness and prevention become more important.  A major genetic prevalence for me is type 2 diabetes, which puts me at an increased risk of developing the disease as well. Type 2 diabetes is preventable and there are ways to reduce risks for possible development or delayed development. To […]

Good Shoes Make Happy Feet

There are many types and brands of athletic, casual, and dress shoes. With so many varieties available, one should buy a shoe for  comfort over the look as there are many things to consider that can potentially lead to foot problems. There are many benefits to wearing a good fitting shoe. An appropriate shoe can […]

Stress A Lot Less

In our daily lives, many get distracted from enjoying life because of stress. The effects of stress can be harmful to your body. The long-term effects of stress can even become a precursor for various chronic diseases.  What assists me with stress is to take control of my life and situations by decreasing negative thoughts, […]