NC Flex Account Info

NC Flex Reimbursement for Diabetes Prevention Programs

Below are guidelines to submit a reimbursement request from NC Flex.  Reimbursement occurs after the payment has already been made.

After payment is completed with a credit or debit card, submit the following to NC Flex:

    1. FSA Claim Form – Click on this link to download the form 
    2. Letter of Necessity (this MUST be signed by your Physician) – Click on this link to download the form
    3. Your receipt of payment for the diabetes prevention program

Submit the three items by mail or fax to the following:
Fax: (877) 213- 8917
Mail: P&A Group, Attn: NC FSA Plan
17 Court Street, Suite 500
Buffalo, NY 14202
For questions regarding reimbursement, please call NC Flex at 1-866-916-3475 or visit
NOTE: NC Flex cannot guarantee reimbursement for Eat Smart, Move More, Prevent Diabetes. The IRS determines reimbursement standards and whether or not reimbursement is granted.